Yarash oriental Rugs

Oriental Hand knotted rugs

One of the Largest stockists of Afghan Rugs and Kilims in the UK under one roof
where personal service is assured.

Yarash oriental Rugs

Fine Afghan

We stock very rare Fine Afghans, such as Shakh, Kunduz, Belgic, Hatchlu,
BaBa Sidik, Chinar Gol, Sulaiman,Chub Bash, Waziri, and Chakush.

Yarash oriental Rugs

Afghan Gabbeh

Our production of Gabbehs also includes Natural Gabbeh in which we use un-dyed wool,
the colours are ivory, beige and brown.

Yarash oriental Rugs

Royal Ziegler

As a manufacturer of Ziegler Rugs we only use good quality wool, dyes and the best weavers.
Within the last three decades, Ziegler designs have been rediscovered, the old ideas have been revived.

Yarash oriental Rugs

Red Afghan / Natural

Red Afghan / Natural (Aqchae) are the classic Afghans with usually two shades of red and black
or very dark blue and these rugs are ideal for older houses and minimalist decor.

Yarash oriental Rugs


The designs of these rugs are taken from old Caucasian peices, and are woven mainly
by Hazara tribes in Central Afghanistan.